Qualifying Britain

With the Dearing review complete, Dick Evans takes a fresh look at Britain’s post-16 education provision. The pervading culture of the free market has a range of consequences to society, some of which are beneficial, while others are destructive and confusing. The effects of the global economy, greatly assisted by the information revolution and the growing influence of multinational companies, now raise fundamental questions about the validity of the traditional paradigms of the nation’s political systems. These transformations are, quite rightly, influencing the way education and training are delivered. Life-long learning must now be  for all with the ever-accelerating need

The Engineering Team

Dick Evans discusses the importance of colleges of further and higher education in maintaining the quality of the UK’s engineering workforce. It’s all been said before, but here is my version. Many of my statements will be massively generalised and simplistic but they are made to provoke debate and discussion. Numerous reports over many decades have attempted to tackle the ineffective state of education and training and our track-record in this area compared with our major competitors. The majority of these reports focus on particular stages of education and training, e.g. secondary, technical and higher education. Very few attempted to

Viewpoint – Graduate Nation.

A recent Government White Paper proposed the introduction of General National Vocational Qualifications (GNVQs) to rationalize the British education system. Under this scheme, those who left school at 16 would be able to enter higher education on the strength of vocational qualifications. Dick Evans explains the workings of this radical new approach and argues that such a system will give Britain’s workforce the flexibility necessary to maintain the nation’s position in an increasingly competitive world. At last this country has realized that it must invest in post-16 education and training, not only for its existing workforce but for that of