Reflections on Learning Resources.

(Colleges and Providers). Dick Evans. Educational Consultant ABSTRACT: A reflection on the wider implications of the Learning and Skills legislation and developments in the Further Education Sector reinforces the centrality of the learner. The Inspection System has progressively moved colleges towards this perception for a fuller understanding of the significant role of Learning Resources, however defined. This theme, which has consistently been promoted by the LRDG in publications and conferences, should now attain its full significance. As a result of a recent LRDG conference on the impact of the common inspection framework I reflected on the wider implications of the Teaming

College Learning Resources -Are They Really Worth It?

Learning Resources Development Group (LRDG).1995. Transcript of talk given in September 1994. by Dr Richard Evans, Principal, Stockport College of Further & Higher Education The immediate answer to this question is an emphatic yes! College libraries and learning support services and their staff must now be at the hub of any learning institution. Their capability and importance cannot be questioned. The reasons for their importance include the continuing move to: Learner centredness for the more diverse student population of the future. Curriculum frameworks. New technologies. Resource management for the benefit of learners financial physical human All these elements must be