The Chinese Zodiac

A fascinating topic. The Chinese Zodiac – Sheng(1) Xiao(4) is based on a twelve year cycle. Each year is represented by an animal. The table below shows the animals:

Rat – Yhu(3). Ox – niu(2). Tiger – hu(3). Rabbit – yu(4)zi. Dragon – long(2), Snake – she(2). Horse – ma(3). Goat – yang(2). Monkey – hou(2). Rooster – ji(1). Dog – gou(3). Pig – zhu(1).

Just as in other astrology, each of the Chinese animals represents a different personality types and a person’s general attributes and possible careers. Theories have been developed to predict one’s personality, fortune and major life decisions on the basis of the characteristics attributed to each animal of the zodiac. Many Chinese firmly believe the happiness of their marriage is determined by the perfect match of a couple’s zodiac. For example a dragon matches a rat, monkey and chicken but not so for a cow, rabbit, dog or another dragon. These beliefs extend to every kind of human relations between parents and their children,

Sheng(1)Xiao(4) is very important in China and viewed of great significance by the Chinese people.

I will attempt to define each of the animals and the year that they are associated with. You will be able to identify the animal associated with your birth.

Rat Shu(3).

Rats are charming, quick-witted and make loyal friends. You are organised and honest and prefer to live under their rules. Born under this sign an effective career could be as a writer, critic or publicist.

Year: 1912/1924/1936/1948/1960/1972/1984/1996/2008.

Ox Niu(2).

You are a born leader and inspire confidence in all who know you. You are conservative and methodical and rarely let your hair down. You are good at most activities you try. Possible successful career as a skilled surgeon or hairdresser,

Year: 1913/1925/1937/1949/1961/1973/1985/1997/2009.

Tiger Hu(3).

Tigers are also born leaders. You are respected for your courage and are good at standing up for what you believe in. Apt to be bossy! You would be good as a boss, formula car driver or matador.


Rabbit Yu(4).

You are warm, cosy type affectionate and obliging and always nice to be around, You are often sentimental and are seen as being superficial. You would be good in business as a lawyer, diplomat or actor as you are conservative and at times cautious


Dragon Long(2).

You are full of life, vitality and enthusiasm and are popular Intelligent, gifted and a perfectionist but can be seen as intolerant of other people. You would make a good artist, priest or politician. of other people.

The dragon is probably and symbolic animal in Chinese history. Chinese people call themselves the descendants of the dragon.


Snake She(2).

You are wise, charming and romantic. You are also a deep thinker and full of intuition. You must avoid being stingy and thrive to keep your sense of humour. You would make a good teacher, philosopher, writer, psychiatrist or fortune teller of other people


Horse Ma(3).

You are very hard working and independent. You are not easily led and are intelligent and friendly. Prone to show off but are generally liked by everyone. Your sign suggests you would be successful as an adventurer, scientist, poet or politician.


Sheep Yang(2).

Excellent company but apt to put your foot in situations. You are elegant and artist but can be viewed as a bit of a whinger so try not to complain too much! You would be a successful as an actor, gardener or beachcomber. Some books call this year the year of the goat.


Monkey Hou (2).

You are witty and intelligent have a magnetic personality and are always liked. The monkey must guard against being an opportunist and finds it hard to trust other people. Your sign shows success in any field you try.


Rooster Ji(1).

You are hardworking, shrewd and are effective in making decisions. You like looking good and can be extravagant sometimes. Watch out for being boastful. Born under this sign you will be a good restaurant owner, publicist, soldier or a world traveller.


Dog Gou (3).

You will never let anyone down. You are honest and faithful to those you love. You worry a lot have a sharp tongue and have a tendency to be a fault finder. You would make an effective business person, activist, teacher or secret agent.


Pig Zhu (1).

You are always good company, an intellectual with a strong sense of purpose. You are honest and sincere but because you expect the same from others and you can be naïve. You would be successful in the arts as an entertainer or a lawyer.


This is a very fascinating topic and hope I have done justice to it.

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