Richard Evans is the Chairman of the CIPHE’s Education and Training Group. In this issue of ETM he muses on the future of technical advances in industry and society as a whole. The world is rapidly moving into the Fourth Industrial Revolution also called ‘Industry Four Point Zero (Industry 4.0) and the Internet of Things’. The introduction of robotics, automation, digital transfer and data exchange in the manufacturing industries is bringing about massive transitions in the work place and society in general. Work as we have known it will change dramatically, transformed with robots replacing humans in many traditional industries.

A Short Account of Maltese and Chinese Archaeology/Architecture/Astronomy

This is a transcript of a talk given in July 2015 at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Valletta Introduction. In this short talk I will attempt to highlight the fascinating history of Chinese and Maltese architecture and astronomy and the important role archaeology plays in such a study. I cannot do justice to this vast and complex topic but hope I can at least identify some cultural links between the subjects and between the two countries. I hope this transcript of the presentation proves interesting and useful. The topic is referred to as Archaeostronomy (sorry about that mouth full) which

Science, Technology and Civilisation in China

This is a transcript of a talk given in May 2014 at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Valletta This commentary attempts to build on the PowerPoint presentation and provide more detail about the topic. I cannot do justice to the theme because of the time constraints and the immense amount of material relating to the topic. One of the most fascinating aspects of Chinese history is the significant advances made over many thousands of years in astronomy, mathematics, science and technology. Many of these discoveries and inventions were made long before similar advances in the West. For example gunpowder, the